Basketball Shooting Tips – Teaching Consistency and Accuracy

Providing basketball shooting tips to players is usually one of those few times in life when you have a captive audience – every player wants to be a shooter. And I think that’s a good thing. Shooting is one of the most important basketball skills your players can learn. You never know what shot the defense will give you, which player will find themselves open and in position to shoot. The more of your players who know how to shoot a basketball, the more likely your team is to score.Basketball Shooting Tips

But shooting a basketball is a bit of an art form – it takes lots of practice to get it right and keep it right, and even good shooters will lose their touch if they lose their focus – as can happen, for example, after spending the summer playing pick-up playground ball, or watching too much NBA or And 1.

If your players want to consistently put points on the board, they need to shoot with good fundamentals, and to do this, they need those fundamentals drilled into them constantly. Every season needs to begin with a refresher, a focus on some basics that everyone on the team needs to know.

As soon as tryouts have finished and the team is picked, start scheduling practice time for shooting fundamentals. There is always a lot to do at the beginning of the pre-season, so you won’t have an entire practice to hand over to handing out basketball shooting tips, but a solid fifteen minute block of time each practice will help you develop skills, as long as you teach the skills well.

Basketball Shooting Tips
Fundamentals First

At the beginning, focus on Basic Shooting Fundamentals. Set players up in a semi-circle and demonstrate proper shooting form. It would be best if you have a player with good shooting form to use as an example, pointing out aspects of his basketball shooting technique as he shoots. It is equally effective to point out problem areas that your shooter displays as well, explaining how he could fix them.

If you have players who have been playing for a while but have developed bad shooting habits – maybe they didn’t have proper training at the younger stages – then trying to change their shot overnight will likely be ineffective. You would be better off trying to push only a few of the more important basketball shooting tips – the most essential tips a basketball shooting coach should focus on.

Then break your players up and have them run some Simple Practice Drills. These drills are not run in game situations, as the focus should be on developing good shooting form. As the players perform these basic drills, coaches walk around and make adjustments to players’ shots as needed. It isn’t necessary to have them do all these drills in one practice – introduce one drill at the first practice, then another the next.

Basketball Shooting Tips
The Jump Shot

Basketball Shooting Tips Jump Shot

Focus on shooting fundamentals until you feel the majority of your players are getting it – there will always be a couple of players who just can’t seem to pin it down, and if you wait for everyone you’ll be teaching basic fundamentals for the entire season. But once most of your players seem to be able to shoot with decent basketball shooting technique, move on to the jump shot – most shots taken in the game will be jump shots, not set shots; now you can start to prepare players for game-like situations.

Again, start off by focusing on the basics, this time on teaching solid Jump Shot Fundamentals. This is essentially an add-on to the shooting fundamentals already taught, but it needs to be done. Players can then perform the basic practice drills again, this time taking jump shots, and again the coach walks around making adjustments as needed.

This should go much quicker than teaching the basic fundamentals, since players already have an idea of what they are doing. Soon after introducing the jump shot basics, you can introduce some more advanced Shooting Drills that will require players to shoot jump shots in situations more game-like.


From this point on, work one of these shooting drills into each practice, especially at the beginning of the pre-season, and continue to give players feedback on how they are shooting. Remember that players need to continue to focus on good shooting form through all these drills, so that proper basketball shooting technique is ingrained in their muscle memory and they automatically use good form in any shooting situation, whether alone in the schoolyard or in the middle of high-pressure playoff game.

To add to this, have players warm up before practices using the push-back shooting drill to reinforce technique – a simple warm up that has them focus on maintaining proper shooting form no matter where they are on the court.

Basketball Shooting Tips
The Foul Shot

There is one more type of basketball shot that needs to be taught – the foul shot. This is a special shot because it is more of a mental game than anything else – if the player practices enough, a shot taken during a game will come naturally, since he won’t have time to think about it. But when shooting a foul shot, the player will be standing alone at the foul line, everyone watching, nothing happening around him – plenty of time to get nervous and forget how to shoot.

There are some Tips to Good Foul Shooting that every player should use – ways to reduce the stress and pressure of being on the line with all eyes focused on you. And there are some Practice Drills for Foul Shooting that you should use at every practice, that will place players in pressure situations so that they get used to shooting in these conditions. Give them the tips, have them practice at the line, and then integrate the practice drills at the end of every practice.

Basketball Shooting Tips
Final Reminders

Remember to always insist on good shooting form in practice.

The more they shoot properly in practice, the more their muscles will remember to do it in the game – because their brains won’t. It needs to come naturally.

And once you are past the fundamentals stage, and the basketball shooting tips start to focus on shooting under pressure, always insist that players perform all drills as in game situations – again, if they don’t practice as if in a game situation, they won’t be able to perform in game situations.

Their muscles will act as they’ve been conditioned, for better or worse